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Future Plans


All our programmes to date have successfully incorporated multiple arts forms as the vehicles of interactive learning for the frailest and most vulnerable older people in the Fourth Age of their lives. External evaluations were commissioned and carried out on all major programmes undertaken by First Taste. Internal evaluations, observations and reports are a set procedure and on-going.  All evaluations have a number of common themes, perhaps the most important of which is the need for care staff to be integrally involved with residents in all the programme sessions and to fully appreciate the benefits of care staff involvement in all aspects of stimulating and holistic care for the elderly: not just health care.

To this end First Taste is now aiming thoughts, programmes & skills into training programmes designed for delivery to care staff in care/nursing homes & day centres. The ultimate outcome will be (with quality stimulation) to enhance the well being of residents in the 4th stage of their lives.  Hence the carestaff training programmes P.A.C.T. & H.E.A.T. which are, for, and funded by DCC. (See Current Programmes)

As managers of care establishments heed this advice, residents will feel less isolated and more valued as people; care staff  will build confidence and esteem and acquire new skills; and managers will benefit from the opportunity of having their staff trained in-house at low cost.

We are giving care staff  the opportunity to: make a subtle return to, or continuance of, education, aid training in the arts & crafts, and expand knowledge of holistic care.

PACT was built on past programmes, using knowledge gleaned to continue to encourage care staff to participate in further learning and to develop their creative skills to enhance the quality of care for older people.

The development of I.T. skills is still being addressed as well as introducing schools & pupils to the idea of intergenerational sessions in care homes – including one which is a registered Dementia only home.